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Employee Development Planning

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    This  3-4 hour course is intended for those interested in learning about tools and methodologies to enable one’s personal or professional passions via the creation of intentional Employee Development goals and actions. 

    In this training, participants will learn how to

    • Identify the top 5 professional values they consider ‘very important
    • Identify their top 3-5 skills and passions
    • Identify the professional values most important to the people they serve
    • Learn how to utilize the employee development template to create specific personal development goals for the short and long term and how to coach others on creating Employee Development goals for themselves. 

    Influential Leadership

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      This  3.5 hour interactive course will introduce you to the concept of Influential Leadership (leadership with no authority) and how it can positively impact the effectiveness of your career and organization. Whether you are an existing or future leader/manager, you will also learn how empowering the workforce to influentially lead will allow them to focus on strategic items while their influential leaders act within leadership boundary conditions that are agreed to by the team. 

      • 1 Zoom Session

      • 1 hour

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      This course is intended for current or future job seekers and is designed to focus on the Before Interview-During Interview-After Interview process.

      During this 1 hour course, we will cover the basics and then introduce you to some specific methods that will help you stand out from the crowd as you look to secure the positions you desire!

      Participants in the class will receive a 10% discount on our Practice Interview Service if they choose to utilize the service!