Coaching Action Plans (CAPs)

A pro-active and team based approach to improving performance

Coaching Action Plan Elements

Too many times we focus on installing antecedents and don’t spend enough time developing the proper balance of consequences to drive desired behaviors. 

Coaching Action Plans can be used well in advance of disciplinary action to drive desired  behaviors for individuals and teams.

Antecedents (Behavior Prompts)

Antecedents are the events, action, or circumstances that occur before a behavior. These are generally derived from a policy, procedure or a past behavior that resulted in a positive outcome for the EMPLOYEE

Observed Behaviors

Too many times we fail to pinpoint the exact behavior we desire to see. We tend to speak in LABELS ( Always Late, Go to person, Superstar Employee). Employees need to know the specific behaviors you see them exhibiting and recognizing!


Too many times, the word consequence, has a negative connotation. That is until an employee takes a shortcut and is rewarded by not being held accountable and actually seeing a positive outcome of their behavior ( Getting their job done quicker, getting recognized for the output).

Applied Behavioral Science data shows that 80% of one’s behavior is based on the experience one receives after exhibiting a behavior.

While 20% of one’s behavior is based on the antecedents in place.

The power of a Coaching Action Plan is seen when individuals and teams work with leadership to install Coaching Action Plans and a balance of consequences well in advance of observing any undesired behaviors. 

Coaching Action Plan Process

We use a 4 step Coaching Action Plan process to set your employees and organization up for success

Identify Current Behaviors

Identify Desired Behaviors

Align Antecedents

Design Consequences

Why Invest in Coaching Action Plans?

Reduced Disciplinary Action 

Increased Employee Engagement

Personal Awareness to how each employee adds value to the team 

Identification of Upskilling Needs per employee 

Drives a Goal Orientated Culture 

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