Employee Engagement Program

The #1 risk to your operational and financial success is a disengaged workforce.

Mitigate your risk with a sequence of facilitated employee engagement workshops, training, and coaching support that increases employee engagement while aligning employees and leadership teams to your business strategy.


This four-phase, 12-month program serves as your customized road map to installing a sustainable employee engagement culture that supports your employee retention and recruitment efforts.

Phase 1

A leader’s ability to connect with their team is critical to employee engagement, retention and recruitment initiatives. This alignment workshop humanizes the employee/leader relationship, and brings the organization together to maintain momentum as you work toward achieving your people and business strategies.

Phase 2

Your employee’s skills and knowledge are an asset. This workshop identifies the development aspirations of your employees and allows you to develop an Intentional Talent Development Strategy that will enable personal, team and organizational performance.

Phase 3

Investing in your employee’s leadership skills gives them the tools they need to be organized, efficient, and productive. Based on your team’s needs, you can customize a workshop that will set the course for your team to operate as an empowered and engaged organization. 

Phase 4

Sustaining any employee engagement initiative is not complete without a system to achieve the ROI and gain commitment vs. compliance to the investment efforts. That is why all personal goals created on this journey get rolled into employee engagement and performance software that allows you to measure personal, team and organizational performance on a monthly and quarterly basis. 

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