24-7 Team Performance Training

Consider us your trainer on retainer


Package # One: 1 Topic across 1 Day

Package # Two: 2 Topics across 2 Days

Package # Three: 3 Topics across 3 Days

Price per topic decreases based on the number of topics you choose.

Topics 4 and onward are discounted to the per topic price of package 3 for a rolling 12 months from the date of the last training delivered


You choose your area of need, and we work to customize a learning plan to meet your needs

Each course/opportunity area you choose includes the following.

Pre-customization discussions (2 hours)

Go-live review (1 hour)

Post-delivery discussions (2 hours)

See our Front Line Leader Page for common topics available 


In Person or Virtual

Generally 16 People per session

The topic can be 8 consecutive hours

Or you can split the topic into two 4 hour sessions ( One AM and one PM). Doing this allows you to get more people (32) through the training at the same cost

Benefits of 24-7 Team Performance Training

 Reduce Production Obstacles

Optimize People & Process

Create Scalable, Sustainable Operations