Every process, policy, and SOP for every role and responsibility in one place.

Save time onboarding and training and make knowledge transfer easy as you grow.

Trainual is a knowledge transfer and training platform where growing teams build the playbook for how they do what they do. With Trainual, every process, policy, and procedure for all the roles and responsibilities in your business are easily documented, organized, assignable, and searchable. The result is faster onboarding and training, more seamless delegation, consistent processes, increased accountability, and everybody stays in the know with your need-to-knows.

The Trainual Process

Build your playbook

Get your business out of your brain® and into one simple, central system.

Train your team

Get your people fully up to speed and productive in half the time, or less.

Scale your business

Grow from 5 to 500 without growing pains and keep knowledge organized at scale.

Turn best practices into standard operating procedures and ensure everyone gets trained consistently.

Plus, update content whenever to keep everyone aligned on the latest way to do things.

Why Invest in Employee Onboarding?

The Return on Investment (ROI) achieved from investing in your onboarding program is seen when the two metrics shown are mitigated. Employees who are onboarded with structure typically stay with the organization!

Scenario based on one employee:

  • Disengaged employee salary:  $75,000
  • Time to fill the position:  70 days
  • Hiring Manager’s salary:  $100,000
  • Training days:  20 days
  • Productivity ramp up 60 days
  • Time spent interviewing:  8 hours

Based on Gallup assessment of organizational loss

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