DISC Assessments
Emotional Intelligence Assessments

Disc assessments and emotional intelligence assessments (Emotional Quotient™ Assessments) are two great opportunities that can help your employees communicate better! We can help you to reveal behavioral preferences, improve communication, discover and advance ideal talent, and reduce workplace conflicts! Learn more about each of these tools below and contact us today to see how we can help your company take the next step towards improvement!

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What is a DISC Assessment?

DISC assessments measure four separate factors: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance. Put simply: the DISC assessment measures how a person does what they do. The DISC profile creates a language around observable behavior, which in turn improves communication, engagement, and self-development.

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What is an Emotional Intelligence Assessment?

The TTI Emotional Quotient™ (EQ) assessment accurately measures a person’s emotional intelligence, which is the ability to sense, understand and effectively apply the power of overall emotional well-being to facilitate higher levels of collaboration and productivity.

The assessment is based on the latest research in emotional intelligence and includes a 360-degree feedback report including Self Awareness, Self Regulation, Motivation, Social Awareness, and Social Regulation.

TTI Emotional Quotient™ (EQ) is commonly used to help improve team engagement, develop leaders, and help increase emotional awareness.