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The Benefits of Improving Employee Engagement

Our thoughts on Employee Engagement. There is something different about working in an engaged work environment. There is a buzz of excitement; you will see more smiling faces, optimism, and maybe a little singing or at least whistling. Studies have found that when employees are engaged, they are more likely to be productive and motivated, […]

Four Areas of Employee Disengagement

Engagement is elusive and intangible yet unmistakable whether it is thriving or failing. It’s no secret many businesses are struggling with employee disengagement. A recent study found that the ratio of engaged to disengaged employees is the lowest in a decade. Employee disengagement can lead to a host of issues in the workplace, including a […]

Train Frontline Employees to be Leaders of Tomorrow

I was once a frontline employee, full of energy and ambition to learn and move up the ladder. My hard work paid off when I got promoted to my first leadership position. While I had leadership qualities and confidence, I soon realized, that leadership took more than hard work.  Leadership development is critical for any […]

New Training Series- Why it was created!

By Karen Wilkins, Learning and Performance Coach… Several years ago, I had the opportunity to follow my passion for learning and development and move into a newly created Learning and Development Leader role. The one challenge, I hadn’t had any time to prepare for this role!  I was feeling so many different emotions – from […]


By Karen Wilkins: Learning and Performance Coach Singular- I recently saw this word in some work I was doing and started thinking about what it meant.  The words that came to my mind were sole, alone, only.  I decided to look singular up in the dictionary.  Here is one of the definitions I found in […]

Goal Setting season is here!

Have you thought about what you want to accomplish in 2021 ? Get a jump start by reaching out now and we can work with your team to identify and install the goals that will engage your team and drive your operation. Read more here !  

Looking to Solve a Problem?

A great article that stands the test of time. Reach out and we can help you identify opportunities in your organization while helping you drive a culture of taking action. See our offerings! Read more here !