Employee Development Workshop

Provide a career path for your employees

This workshop allows you to craft an upskilling strategy that accounts for your employees development desires.

Once the strategy is developed you can then intentionally allocate your training budget toward the most impactful areas of need.


New Employees to the Organization

Tenured Employees looking to Grow

Emerging Leaders


Skills and Knowledge Assessment

Current and Desired States of Development

Potential Development Activities

Development Goal Planning


This is an in-person course.

16 People per session is optimal class size.

Increase the impact by including  32 employees in one day ( AM and PM 4 hr session).

Post Workshop Support Options

After we help you identify an intentional upskilling strategy, we work with our partners to customize a delivery solution that will benefit you and your employees





The Impact of Investing in Employee Development

In addition to improving personal and team morale, providing Upskilling and Development opportunities will increase your chances of having engaged employees that want to stay with your organization for the long-term.

The Return on Investment (ROI) achieved from investing in the Upskilling of your  employees is seen when the two metrics shown are mitigated.

ROI from Upskilling investment increases with each person who acts on their Upskill Assessment 

Scenario based on one employee:

  • Disengaged employee salary:  $75,000
  • Time to fill the position:  70 days
  • Hiring Manager’s salary:  $100,000
  • Training days:  20 days
  • Productivity ramp up 60 days
  • Time spent interviewing:  8 hours

Based on Gallup assessment of organizational loss

Employee Development Partners

We’re proud to partner with the below organizations to provide Upskilling options to front line employees and leaders