Leader and Team Alignment

Compress the time it takes to lead

Moving people into leadership roles and expecting that they will figure out how to best support their teams is a recipe for disaster.

With this service, you can bring the organization together, maintain momentum and solidify the “team spirit” during times of leadership transition. 

Alignment Options

New Leader/Manager

We help connect leaders to their team early in their onboarding to enable transparency and trust

Existing Leader/Manager

We help your leader diagnose the current state and make the necessary course corrections to enable personal and team success

Future Leader/Manager

We help your Emerging Leader learn how to best lead/manage their future team.

Alignment Elements

We use our 4 step process to set the course for your leader and their team


Team Discussions

Vision Setting

Action Plans

Why Invest in Leader and Team Alignment

Leaders who know how to Lead others enable others to stay with an organization!

Scenario based on one employee:

  • Disengaged employee salary:  $75,000
  • Time to fill the position:  70 days
  • Hiring Manager’s salary:  $100,000
  • Training days:  20 days
  • Productivity ramp up 60 days
  • Time spent interviewing:  8 hours

Based on Gallup assessment of organizational loss

Leader Alignment Partners

We’re proud to partner with the below organizations to provide leadership and supervisory training to front line employees and leaders.

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