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New to the Job Market

Let us help introduce you to the job interview process.

Looking to Change Jobs

Lets us work with you to manage competing priorities as you prepare for upcoming job interviews.

Reentering the Workforce

Let us help identify your relatable experiences ahead of a job interview.

How the Virtual Job Interview Practice Process Works

Step 1: You Prepare Us

Before you purchase, we want to learn about you!

An introductory consultation call will take place to get to know each other.

We will ask you to share a resume and the types of jobs you are interested in.

This will help us tailor a customized practice interview for you while offering feedback on your resume.

Step 2: We prepare you

We provide you a workbook that helps you craft your interview “story”.

This workbook will challenge you to identify your past achievements and current development opportunities.

We then help you form those items into structured responses that can be utilized in interviews.

Step 3: We practice together

We interview you based off a bank of customized questions and a standard scoring system.

We record the audio and video portion of the interview as it allows us to complete an accurate assessment.

At your request, we make the recordings available to you as it helps identify opportunities for improvement in your delivery.

Step 4: We review together

We reconvene and review the interview assessment with you.

We will focus on your preparation, delivery and overall comfort level during the interview.

Based on the package you initially purchased, we determine the next steps.

Step 5: You execute

We help celebrate your success by staying in touch with you after the process!

We ask you for feedback on our methods so we can help future job seekers obtain employment.

Per-Person Interview Packages

Includes the following on a per interview process:
  • 30-minute virtual recorded interview.
  • Same day scoring and editing of audio/video files.
  • 30 minute virtual follow up review.
Package Cost
1 Practice Interview $400
2 Practice Interviews $500
3 Practice Interviews $600
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