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Whether you have three candidates or 300 for a posted position, PI Hire gives you the confidence you need to pick the right person.

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The Value of PI Hire


Talent acquisition and retention can be both costly and time-consuming. But PI’s behavioral data has helped hundreds of companies control those costs. For example:

The average rate of turnover is >$15k per person

A hiring failure can cost up to 3x that of a salary.


PI brings order to an often chaotic process, filtering candidates by behavioral target (set according to the traits hiring teams know will lead to success in a role).

The average time-to-fill rate is more than 40 days.

Many PI users have cut that figure in half – or more.


Taking the guesswork out of hiring gives business leaders peace of mind – and frees them up to focus on execution and results.

Behavioral data – such as PI’s – brings clarity to hiring.

Its application also fosters a consistent end-to-end experience for hiring teams and candidates.

Turnover costs have never been greater.

Quits are still up a whopping 23% compared to pre-pandemic levels, and that’s coming after a record-setting year of 48 million resignations in 2021.

The cost of a hiring failure can easily reach three times the salary for the position – more if the hire interacts with customers.

PI Hire helps to reduce employee turnover costs!

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