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Business owners work with Exit Advisor to increase the value of their companies as well as their chances of successfully exiting one day. When that time comes, they help owners sell or transition their business confidentially, often without the general public ever knowing, whether that be to family, key employees, or a third party buyer. 

Schooley Mitchell helps save you MONEY without sacrificing service. Their model is a risk-free proposition, and their only compensation is a share of the savings they identify for you – money you are already spending with vendors. Watch the 1 minute summary video-The Schooley Mitchell Process

Toni provides small to medium-size businesses an HR department, technology platform and affordable big company benefits so that they will run better, grow faster, and make more money! Insperity helps business owners with the ABC’s (administrative, benefits, compliance/culture)to grow rapidly and are your true HR partner.

Dynamic Training Resources creates high quality, rapid and affordable eLearning course design and development and animations for businesses small and large, including many Fortune 500 companies.

OPSQC brings manufacturing systems tools & leadership to clients and specializes in inventory/ service systems LEAN practices;  issue resolution with OEMs (service parts, repeat warranty items). Additional services offered includes Talent Optimization, Developing Market Strategy, and Training modules for People Development.

Data Managers specialize in helping smaller companies grow by developing custom software applications specific to the needs of the company. Their goal is to develop easy to use database driven software that is affordable and can grow over time. Examples of their work include a TMS (transportation management system) for the freight world, Small scale ERP systems for manufacturers  or distributors and sales or project management systems.

Performance Advisors helps B2B manufacturers and service companies eliminate barriers that get in the way of positive customer experiences, sustainable growth and competitive advantage by focusing on workplace performance, distribution channel effectiveness, marketing and measurement. 

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Venn Strategy Group brings a unique blended knowledge of operations, finance and technology built, in part, through reverse engineering over 65,000 reports and analytical tools for manufacturing and service companies across various verticals. They turn cost centers into profit centers by asking questions of people no one thinks to ask and unlocking systems believed not to have answers.

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Nic focuses specifically on plant operations, manufacturing personnel development and process execution. Nic partners with your Operations Team to eliminate obstacles and drive a continuous improvement mindset. Within the Fractional structure utilized, there are opportunities for mentorship of current company personnel, or involvement with upgrading and driving best practices of your organization. 

People Science Solutions provides evidence based solutions for organizations who want to hire better, retain top talent, and develop forward thinking leaders. They  don’t guess when it comes to people, they  use science.

Michele focuses on the Chemical Manufacturing/Food Production industry and helps to match companies with the talent they need quickly, and they get it right the first time. CPS understands the challenges employers in any industry face in today’s rapidly changing environment, and they know what top talent in any industry is looking for in a new opportunity.