New Training Series- Why it was created!

By Karen Wilkins, Learning and Performance Coach…

Several years ago, I had the opportunity to follow my passion for learning and development and move into a newly created Learning and Development Leader role. The one challenge, I hadn’t had any time to prepare for this role!  I was feeling so many different emotions – from excitement to worry and anxiety.  I knew I was up for the challenge, and I needed the challenge! I had gotten to the place in my career where I needed a change, a new focus, a new purpose.  This new role was the perfect opportunity for that!  But I still lacked the formal training to remove the anxiety!  This new role ended up being a game-changer for me, but it wasn’t without many challenges. I was fortunate enough to seek out some great mentors within the Company and find a few external resources.  Most of my training was on the job, though.  This worked out for me in the end, but I sure wish I had known enough to find some training on my own that would have accelerated my knowledge and skill development.

Now, as a Learning and Performance Coach at Double E Workplace Solutions, we have created the training I wish I would have had all those years ago when starting that new job.  The Training Systems Design series from Double E Workplace Solutions is a 6-part training series that covers everything from ADDIE to designing learning systems for adult learners to writing performance-based learning objectives and solid test questions to facilitation techniques.  These courses can be taken as a series or individually as needs and interests warrant.  If you are new to instructional design, especially with no formal training or just looking for some refresher courses, check these out at Double E Workplace Solutions | Classes | Coaching | Consulting

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