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The End Result

North West Rubber increases Employee Productivity, Satisfaction, and Engagement for new and experienced managers and teams via Ambition in Motion (AIM Insights) performance management and engagement software. 

The Situation

North West Rubber is one of the largest rubber mat manufacturers in the world. The company owns and operates manufacturing facilities in British Columbia, Ontario, Texas, and China.

North West Rubber products are distributed all over the world. Within the past year, the company was acquired by a private equity firm and then acquired a competitor to consolidate the market and boost the company’s market share. Burt and Matthew have been tasked with bringing together their existing team and merging them with the newly acquired team. 

Burt has been a Vice President for the company for 5 years and has been a leader for manufacturing firms for over 20 years. Matthew has been in his leadership position for less than a year.

Before the merger and before using AIM Insights, both Burt and Matthew struggled with getting their direct reports to create their own goals and take actions that directly benefited the businesses bottom line without input from Burt or Matthew. They also struggled with turnover as many of their employees left within the past year, and now had to figure out how to merge two teams together.

North West Rubber

The Solution

Burt and Matthew of North West Rubber turned to AIM Insights to help them track their teams’ feelings about work, set productive goals, and improve their team’s ability to prioritize tasks. 

AIM Insights is a tool that specializes in helping managers improve their team’s performance and well-being. It uses a combination of pulse surveys and executive coaching to provide managers with a comprehensive view of their team’s feelings and needs. By benchmarking managers against their peers, AIM Insights helps them understand how they are performing and identify areas for improvement.

Burt and Matthew used AIM Insights to get a better understanding as to how their team is feeling and better focus their teams’ goals and receive coaching on how they could improve their teams performance. 

By tracking the feelings of their teams, Burt and Matthew have been able to identify areas where their teams are struggling and provide them with the support they need to improve. Additionally, AIM Insights provides tools for setting goals and priorities, which can help teams focus their efforts and work more efficiently. Overall, using AIM Insights has been a useful tool for Burt and Matthew to help improve the performance of their teams at North West Rubber.

Ambition in Motion Charts

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Within 3 months, both Burt and Matthew were able to increase their direct reports’ SMART goal score by 400%. A SMART goal is a Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound goal, and a SMART goal score is a measure of a team’s ability to consistently set and achieve productive goals. By increasing their direct reports’ SMART goal scores by 400%, Burt and Matthew helped their teams set high-impact goals and achieve them regularly. This has had a positive impact on the overall performance of their teams and the success of North West Rubber.

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Within 3 months, Burt has increased his sentiment score by 27% and Matthew has increased his sentiment score by 18%. The Sentiment Score is a measure of how the team members feel about their overall work and conditions. This measure includes team-wide feelings like team productivity and team cohesion, and it also includes individual measures like task performance and organizational citizenship.

By increasing their sentiment scores by 27% and 18%, respectively, Burt and Matthew improved their teams’ perceptions of these factors, which have led to improved team morale and performance. This has had a positive impact on the overall success of North West Rubber.

Result 3 of 3

Burt and Matthew were successful in quickly integrating new employees into their teams at North West Rubber. The private equity firm that owns North West Rubber mentioned that it typically takes 16 months for teams to start seeing the type of productivity that Burt and Matthew’s teams have achieved in just three months. Burt and Matthew were able to quickly integrate new employees and get them up to speed, which contributed to the high levels of productivity that their teams were able to achieve. This has been due to effective communication and training, as well as support from AIM Insights and other tools that were available to them. Overall, Burt and Matthew’s success in quickly integrating new employees and achieving high levels of productivity has been a key factor in the success of North West Rubber.

Quote: Burt Tellier, Vice President, North West Rubber

“AIM Insights is more than an engagement assessment. It takes insights like engagement, sentiment, and SMART goal scores and then tells me what I need to do to improve my teams scores in all areas. We were looking at the tool and were taken back at the feedback we were receiving. People were willing to reveal more in (AIM Insights) than they were when chatting with them face-to-face.

We were impressed with the fact that we could have a deeper discussion with our team members based on the data and have already seen our team’s morale improve because the team feels like their individual goals are now aligned with the goals we are working towards as a company.

We now use AIM Insights as our hub for tracking everything that has to do with productivity and how we are feeling at work. I use my dashboard for 1:1’s with my direct reports and they love having the transparency of knowing what I am expecting of them every time we meet.” 

Quote: Matthew Bosco, Director, North West Rubber

 “Before AIM Insights, I had only done 1 performance review and it didn’t go so well. I found myself struggling to remember everything my direct reports had been working on over the span of the period I was reviewing them. I also had no idea how my team felt about me as their leader. Now that I have AIM Insights, my performance reviews are much improved because I have all of the information I need right in front of me to review what my team has been working on. I can also see how my team is progressing and the coaching AIM Insights provides has been really helpful in handling situations with employees that are struggling. I have already turned around 2 direct reports that were struggling into really productive employees and I would not have known how to go about having that conversation if it weren’t for AIM Insights and the coaching that comes with it.” 

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