Team Performance Software

Improve Culture Through Connection

Many performance review processes are treated as a compliance activity and not a commitment activity.

That leads to a lack of trust, engagement, transparency, motivation and performance improvement in organizations.

Installing Employee and Team Performance software drives employee engagement and performance via real time collaboration.

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Monthly Benefit

Via a short electronic self assessment, you will be able to focus on 5 core areas of the organization. 

Is the team working well together? 

Are the right tasks getting done? 

Are employees modeling desired behaviors? 

Is the team achieving their goals? 

How is the Leader/Manager doing with supporting the team? 

Quarterly Benefit

Each quarter, you will capture the pulse of your team via an employee engagement survey. 

Each quarter, you will be able to review and assess the impact your team’s personal and organizational goals are having on employee engagement and performance. 

Yearly Benefit

You eliminate the end of year time crunch associated with performance reviews. The one where both your employees and leaders stress out and spend more time compiling data than they do engaging with each other related to one’s performance. 

Data will tell you how well your team is engaging and performing.

Leaders can toggle between employee and team data.

Engagement and Manager Performance scores are anonymous compilations.

Conversation road maps will guide engagement conversations between your leaders and their employees.

Why Invest in your performance review process?

The Return on Investment (ROI) achieved from investing in your performance review process is seen when the two metrics shown are mitigated. Employees who are invested-in by their company leadership typically stay with the organization!

Leaders who know how to Lead others enable others to stay with an organization! ROI increases with each interaction. 

Scenario based on one employee:

  • Disengaged employee salary:  $75,000
  • Time to fill the position:  70 days
  • Hiring Manager’s salary:  $100,000
  • Training days:  20 days
  • Productivity ramp up 60 days
  • Time spent interviewing:  8 hours

Based on Gallup assessment of organizational loss

Team Performance Software Testimonials

“At first I was a little nervous getting started (using AIM Insights) because I didn’t know how my team would receive the survey. But after using the tool, I am learning so much more about my team that I didn’t know from our previous 1:1 conversations and it is helping me connect with my team on a deeper level.”

Kari Ardalan, Vice President of Scaled Success at Zendesk

“We were looking at the tool and were taken back at the feedback we were receiving. People were willing to reveal more in (AIM Insights) than they were when chatting with them face-to-face.

We were impressed with the fact that we could have a deeper discussion with our team members based on the data and have already seen our team’s morale improve because the team feels like their individual goals are now aligned with the goals we are working towards as a company.”

Burt Teller.  Vice President of North West Rubber

Employee Engagement Partners

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