Front Line Leader Training

Investing in your front line employees’ development can provide short and long-term value by equipping them with tools to enable career and operational success. That is why we have created a training program to develop your employees (supervisors, managers, emerging and influential leaders) while enabling your desired business results.

Front Line Leader Training Tracks

Courses can be taken in series or customized to address a pinpointed need in your organization


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


Questioning Techniques


Development Planning

Assignment of Work


Building Trust

Advocating For Others

Behavior Observation

Change Management

Conflict Management


Performance Expectation Setting

Goal Setting

Coaching Action Plans

Disciplinary Action-Writing

Disciplinary Action-Delivering

Front Line Leader Training Options

Investing in your employees has never been easier! Dependent upon your specific needs, we have a solution that will benefit your company.





Why Invest in Front Line Leader Training?

The Return on Investment (ROI) achieved from investing in your frontline employees is seen when the two metrics shown are mitigated. Employees who are invested-in by their company leadership typically stay with the organization!

Leaders who know how to Lead others enable others to stay with an organization! ROI increases with each person who completes the FLL Training Series.

Scenario based on one employee:

  • Disengaged employee salary:  $75,000
  • Time to fill the position:  70 days
  • Hiring Manager’s salary:  $100,000
  • Training days:  20 days
  • Productivity ramp up 60 days
  • Time spent interviewing:  8 hours

Based on Gallup assessment of organizational loss

Front Line Leader Training Testimonials

The leadership training that Double E Workplace Solutions delivered made me interact with people in the company I have never had a reason to talk to previously. It was the first time I felt like a real part of the team and not on an island!

Serena R.

As an hourly employee who doesn’t have the title of leader, I was skeptical of coming to this training. However, I learned a lot of beneficial information regarding myself and how to further help my teammates. There are many things I can take away from this and apply to my job!

Amber F.

Front Line Leader Training Partners

We’re proud to partner with the below organizations to provide leadership and supervisory training to front line employees and leaders.

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